Container + spice

Hi, is it possible to create a lxd container with spice access from the host (both on the same machine) ? i asked because i cannot find any tutorial. also for vm type:

hooman@xe:~$ sudo lxc start second --console=vga
Error: VGA console is only supported by virtual machines

with virtual machine i get this:

hooman@xe:~$ sudo lxc start Test --console=vga
Authorization required, but no authorization protocol specified

(remote-viewer:7807): Gtk-WARNING **: 00:15:26.422: cannot open display: :0

No, containers do not have video cards so no VGA console to attach to.

It should work fine for your VM but in your case sudo is what’s going to be causing you issues, make sure that your user can directly talk to LXD and that should take care of that.

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Thank you, so the only option left for containers are novnc ?

If you want to run a full desktop in the container, then yeah, you’re likely looking at novnc/nx/xrdp/… type options.

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