Containers and checkpoint/restore micro-conference at LPC 2024



There will once again be a Containers and Checkpoint/Restore micro-conference at this year’s Linux Plumbers Conference. Micro-conferences refer to short, usually half-day events where developers and users can go talk about their ongoing work or ideas.

The focus is on problem solving and getting things moving forward, not so much about presenting something that’s already been fully completed and definitely not about presenting your products!

This year’s edition of the Linux Plumbers Conference will be held between September 18 and 20th in Vienna, Austria.

Call of papers

The Containers and Checkpoint/Restore micro-conference focuses on both userspace and kernel related work. The micro-conference targets the wider container ecosystem ideally with participants from all major container runtimes as well as init system developers.

The microconference will be discussing recent advancements in container technologies with some of the usual candidates being:

  • VFS API improvements (new system calls, idmap, …)
  • CGroupV2 feature parity with CGroupV1 and migration path
  • Dealing with the eBPF-ification of the world
  • Mediating and intercepting complex system calls
  • Making user namespaces more accessible
  • Verifying the integrity of containers

On the checkpoint/restore front, some of the potential topics include:

  • Making CRIU work with modern Linux distributions
  • Handling GPUs
  • Restoring FUSE daemons
  • Dealing with restartable sequences

And quite likely a variety of other container and checkpoint/restore topics as things evolve between now and the event.

Due to the limited time we have for the event and the fact that we’re covering both containers and checkpoint/restore, please try to keep your sessions short.

Session lengths: Minimum of 10 minutes, maximum of 30 minutes (includes question/interaction time)
Deadline: The CFP will close on July 15th
Submission link: Linux Plumbers Conference 2024 (18-20 September 2024): Call for Proposals · Indico
Make sure to select Containers and checkpoint/restore MC.


Having your presentation accepted in a micro-conference DOES NOT automatically give you access to the event. We normally expect everyone submitting to already have secured their registration. Note that the event has a bit of a tendency to sell out, so it’s usually a good idea to register early on!

Each micro-conference is provided with a very limited number of reserved tickets, some free, some full price which we can use for the few cases where someone either failed to register before the event sold out or would not be able to attend the event due to the registration cost (no employer/university to cover it).

The event is available in a hybrid format but will run on European time.
It’s usually preferred that presenters be physically present at the conference and we’re likely to take that into account when reviewing the submissions.

Registration link: Linux Plumbers Conference 2024 (18-20 September 2024): Attend · Indico
Early bird rates are going until August 2nd.


This is going to be a very packed Linux Plumbers Conference with a record number of micro-conferences being submitted. Getting everything sorted out in time and making sure we have space and time to cover everything is going to be tricky.

It’s critical that everyone registers as soon as possible, selects what micro-conferences they’re likely to attend and that all presentation submissions be sent through so we can sort out a schedule and try to make everything fit!

See you all in Vienna!