Containers Network Question

Hey there:
Well let go straight to the issue, I have a LXD host running on it 5 containers, each container are Ubuntu 16.04.3 this host is been dedicated to Ubiquity Applications and NMS like LibreNMS , so here are the containers names:
Aircontrol Server
UCRM Server
UNMS server ( not in production yet cuz UNMS still in beta, but the container is ready to run when they release it)
mFI Controller
LibreNMS Server

Libre is performing amazing in a container, I’m very impressed I have it running before on a VMware Box and now I love how is performing , all of those container perform exelente!
but not Aircontrol2 Server, the server is running, I can connect with the client, but all the devices are link down , Aircontrol2 use ports 22 (ssh) and 10001 UDP. Ah and TCP 9081…
I can ssh from inside the container to any device listed in Aircontrol so the issue is not on Port 22.
It have to be an issue with ports 9081 and 10001 .
My LXD host is on bridge , br0 is the name of the bridge w/ an static IP ( let say all the containers have static ip on that Net and they work perfect … so its this something refer to iptables on the host or container?
kinda lost here
any help will be appreciated

I forgot!! Aircontrol2 Server is running now in a host vmware esxi 6.0, in the same network !! same gateway and it work ! so why not the one inside the lxd container?