Containers start and stop with no error

I am running lxd/lxc 3.14. I am downloading ubuntu from images:.
When I start the container using --debug there is no error messages and the last state is “running” but back to the prompt, I check “lxc list” and the container is stopped.

No critical messages anywhere.
Bellow is the last few messages. There is nothing in journalctl.

DBUG[12-31|16:47:50] Got response struct from LXD
“id”: “fe879bd3-0986-4df2-8e65-aecd80be3c9b”,
“class”: “task”,
“description”: “Starting container”,
“created_at”: “2019-12-31T16:47:50.385581796Z”,
“updated_at”: “2019-12-31T16:47:50.385581796Z”,
“status”: “Running”,
“status_code”: 103,
“resources”: {
“containers”: [
“metadata”: null,
“may_cancel”: false,
“err”: “”,
“location”: “none”


You are using LXD 3.14, which means that likely you do not have Ubuntu on the host.
What OS is your host?

It is likely that containers do not start because of some issue between the host and LXD.


You will likely need to check again the preparation instructions at

I was using lower version but at some point I did upgrade of several packages. The current gentoo containers I had no problems, only ubuntu systemd based containers.

I will review,
Thank you.

I reinstall lxd without reinitialize because I have already containers but the problem persists.

What I observed in one old ubuntu container is that the system doesn’t detect the host running systemd and doesn’t start systemd at all.

I think that the repo images is no prepared for the version 3.14

As temporary solution, I converted ubuntu/eoan to systemd-nspawn container and imported using machinectl.