Convert a VMDK to a LXC Container

I’m kind of new to LXC Containers and I need to somehow convert some VMDK files to LXC Containers.
To give you a bit of context I’m working with NB3701 NetModules and it comes with LXC support.
We currently use VMWare player on a separate machine but it’s pretty expensive given the fact that the VM is only used to send and receive files from the cloud (the main issue being that the enterprise we get our cloud from doesn’t wan’t to allow us direct access to the cloud so we have to send files through the VM)
Is there a way so I can take the VMDK they send us and convert it to an LXC container that I can run it on the router ?

Thanks in advance for your help !!

Is that with regular LXC instead of LXD? If LXD, you could use lxd-p2c running in the VM to turn it into a container.

If regular LXC, you’d need to effectively do something similar but by hand. Usually the way you do that is by creating a container on the target system (your router), then delete its root filesystem (rootfs/ directory) and lastly rsync the root filesystem of your VM into the rootfs/ directory. Then start the container and reconfigure things like network and fstab to behave.