Convert lxd btrfs to zfs

Hi All,

i now have 4x ssd 1tb in raid 10 btrfs. But because of slow performance i want to convert the storage to zfs raid 10.

any advise on how to start with this?

There is no way of converting Btrfs to ZFS. You’ll have to move all your data off the RAID, then destroy it and create a ZFS-one.


what would be the best way to do this? can i yust copy my btrfs storage to a external hdd. drop the storage backend and create a new one?

can i do a lxc export vm on btrfs.
and do an lxc import on zfs storage?

Yes, you can first export your containers from btrfs filesystem, reshape the disks as zfs. Then import your containers to zfs filesystem.

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