Core.https_address as a list?

Hello, is it possible to bind

incus config set core.https_address :8443

into two or three addresses instead of the wildcard or single address only?

No, your best bet for that is to bind everything and then firewall off the ones you don’t want.

That’s because having to maintain a lot of individual listeners (as is required for multiple addresses and across multiple families) gets pretty tricky, especially for something like Incus where we allow for live reconfiguration of those listeners.

Some of the things that currently trigger reconfiguration of the listeners:

  • Changes to core.https_address (obviously)
  • Changes to core.https_trusted_proxy
  • Joining/leaving a cluster
  • Deploying a new cluster-wide certificate

Or bind to a single local address and use a TCP forwarding proxy to pass the requests from the other addresses.