CPU-priority for VMs?

Is there some technical reason for why you can’t specify CPU-priority for VMs, or is it just that no one has implemented the feature?

Most hypervisor-platforms allow you to do that for VMs, including KVM, and I wish I had the option with LXD as well. I just thought to ask, if a technical reason is preventing that from being implemented.

Do you mean the nice value of the QEMU processes?

If setting the nice value of the QEMU-process is enough to achieve that effect, then sure – I wouldn’t know, I’ve never tried doing that – , though it’d make sense (at least to me) to be able to set that the same way as CPU-priority is set for containers, ie. via the limits.cpu.priority setting both so that one doesn’t have to manage it manually outside of LXD and for consistency.

@stgraber was this something we had in mind to add?

Just didn’t get around to it. Having limits.cpu.priority expand to process niceness would make sense.