CPU usage variation

I created a windows VM (OS: windows server 2019) with 1 cpu on a linux server. I followed this document for the creation. Now I have an issue that the cpu usage on the host is 14% when its 5% inside the VM. I don’t know why this cpu usage difference.
The below screenshot shows the cpu usages

Also for checking I created a windows VM (OS: windows server2016) with 1 cpu on the same linux server. It also show difference in cpu usage but not more than windows server 2019 VM.
The below screenshot shows the usage

Can anyone help me to understand why this difference occurs? Is that normal?

thanks !!

You’d probably want to look at all the threads on the Linux side so that you actually compare the CPU usage in the VM with the vCPU usage on the host rather than the combined CPU usage of vCPU + I/O threads + management threads.