Create new btfrs storage pool


I have default pool already on btrfs disk1 and im added new disk2 to host and format it as btrfs.

An I want to create new storage pool as subvolume on this new disk. Is this possible ?

Because when i run
lxc storage crate newpool btrfs
it will create only some img file and when i manually edit source and volatile.initial_source
to point on new disk it not work :slight_smile:

Im googled a lot of this question and didnt found relevant answer.

Hi, please see here under btrfs:

lxc storage create pool1 btrfs source=/dev/sdX

/dev/sdx would be your disk2.
It would be a new pool separate from the other, so no subvolume.

Creating a container on the new pool would look like:

lxc launch ubuntu:20.04 containername -s pool1

Thank you, im missed that docu page.

It works to create pool on device or on existing filesystem btrfs which I prefer to use beacuse i can set quotas on subvolumes.