Creating LXC for RHEL 7 options and suggestions

I had been working on creating the LXC Rhel 7 image for the past week, but getting hit with errors.
I am a notice, and I do see that there are 3 options of accomplishing this:

  1. Using AWS RHEL 7 machines, and downloading the rhel 7.8 official iso onto that machine from Red Hat. (Example link After using lxc-centos template as a base, and updating it for rhel, I am currently getting issues with yum.
  2. Using the dvd-iso, go to Virtual box, and perform the process and install the rhel7 and create lxc image from it.
  3. Installing the dvd-iso image of RHEL 7.8 on a physical machine, and proceeding from it.

I do not have hardware or capacity to perform #3. Are there any other options for creating a RHEL 7.8 lxc image?

I am not familiar with docker as well, but I am open to any option where I can create the RHEL 7.8 image.

Finally is there anyone who has done RHEL who can support and help build a clean notes to accomplish this and enhance the knowledge base here?