Cups usb passthrough printing

Testing cups in unprivileged focal container with a functioning Brother printer.
lsusb shows the printer and i added it to the cups container.

lxc config device add cups brother usb vendorid=04f9 productid=02de

Installed brother drivers , shows up in cups but can’t get it to print anything.
lpstat / cups just shows the printing job and,

Waiting for printer to become available.

cups shows,

Current Connection: 	usb:/dev/usb/lp0

but there is no /dev/usb/ folder in the container.

Also when trying to add a printer in cups without brother drivers installed it is not listed under Local Printers.

I have a Brother multi function printer

It supports the Internet Printing Protocol (IPP).

It’s simple to configure.

I wrote up what I configured and can print from any LXD Container

Printer Working Group (PWG)

Ok thanks, that’s how it was running previously but i don’t have wifi at new printer location and not sure if usb to ethernet adapter will work with the printer, hence why i went the USB way.
Know though why the USB Passthrough is not working for me, any ideas?

Do you control the internet router at the new location? Same config steps more or less than wifi

yes i do, but was hopping on USB solution

I searched this forum using:

“USB passthrough”

and got 36 hits

If you haven’t you might want to read thru them.

Stephanie Grabber wrote the following

Hi @jimi,
Have you ever tested with the lxd vm? I have added my printer and get print out from usb device. After adding printer you can check with lsusb command and lpinfo -v in the lxd vm.

Thanks for pushing me mate, had gone through these threads previously and it was driving me mad, figured it out now, the problem was coming from the host (usbguard) and for some reason i wasn’t seeing that error in logs or i would have acted on it earlier.

Thought about it as last resort, it works now in unprivileged container.