Datacenter move on Saturday 1st of October

TLDR: Expect most of our infrastructure to be offline between 2pm and 5pm US East (GMT-4) on Saturday 1st of October 2022.

This is to announce planned maintenance work affecting our entire infrastructure next week. On Saturday 1st of October, the core datacenter infrastructure powering and related services and websites will be relocated to another facility.

The good news is that the two datacenters are less than 10min driving distance from one-another, but we still need to account for dismantling, packing, loading, unloading, racking and re-configuring everything.

As a result, the current expected schedule is for the infrastructure to all go down just before 2pm US East (GMT-4) and come back online by 5pm.

During this time, just about everything on our infrastructure will be affected, including:

  • Main website
  • Forum
  • CI infrastructure
  • IRC bots

The most critical of our services is the image server, which you may have noticed is not listed above. That’s because we intend to keep both our DNS infrastructure and image server infrastructure going during the move.

The tricky part is to do all that while retaining the exact same IP addresses as those are often specifically allowed in our users’ firewall, but we believe we have a plan which will allow for that to work with only a few minutes downtime during cut-over.

Let’s hope everything goes smoothly and that the only impact for most folks will be a maintenance page on our various websites telling them to come back 2-3 hours later!


The move is now complete and everything should be back to normal!