Debian 12 Bookworm

Can’t help noticing this has now been released as stable although I have been evaluating this out of testing for a few months. Big thank-you to all the Developers, a much smoother experience than LXC has been on previous Debian releases.

Probably Bookworm’s best-kept secret!

I’m brand new to LXD and LXC, and have only used Ubuntu and CentOS distro’s, just curious what makes 12 much smoother for LXC?

Would you say Ubuntu is still the better platform for LXD/LXC or should I be looking at Debian now?

It all depends if you are happy with SNAP.
Debian (Sid and Bookworm) integrated LXD and friends as Debian native packages (no SNAP) and you can install directly from apt.
In previous Debian releases installing SNAPless was a non-trivial exercise involving compiling the compiler (stock golang was too old to suport LXD) and other amenities.
OTOH Ubuntu pushes hard for SNAP usage.
It is worth noting both Ubuntu and LXC/LXD are backed bu Canonical, so I wouldn’t be surprised if things are more consistently tested in that environment.

In my case I’ve been running it on small Arm SBCs with limited resources (512MB/1GB memory, SD card storage) so I wanted to avoid the snap option. LXC was getting difficult and required some workarounds such as apparmor uncontained in configs, systemd-run to launch and start (although Debian encapsulate that in lxc-unpriv-start and lxc-unpriv-exec).