Debian 12 Container loses ip at times

I got a server running LXD with a bunch of containers and the Debian 12 container i have seems to lose ip at times.

I am not really sure why, but I think the trigger is during backups.

The server running LXD is run virtually with Hyper-V,
and it’s being backuped by Veeam at night, and during that time I think it sometimes causes some kind of “reset”, so it loses it’s IP (probably as the Host perhaps also does?), but the container never tries to get it again.

If i just run “systemctl restart systemd-networkd” it will get an ip just fine.

Wrong searching around it seems that systemd-networkd might have some issues in containers,
not reloading properly or something as others seems to have similar issues.

Would love to get help troubleshooting this, not sure what info to provide so just ask:)



Forgot, the ip is actually static which makes it odd.
it’s setup at:

So it’s not that it loses it’s ip and doesn’t renew.

Perhaps it loses the interface or something, recall reading something about that,
and it reappearing doesn’t cause a proper reload.