After upgrading from Debian Stretch to Buster, I notice DHCP no longer offers leases for containers. After struggling for a couple days, I’ve finally decided to give up => Downgrade to Stretch.

I’ve read some of you manage to run LXD on Buster host.
Did you get also some issues about DNSMASQ dhcp ?

I don’t know if it’s related but my server is running on OVH (might be a kernel issue), and vanilla kernel does not seem to be supported so far.
Meanwhile, I try running from VirtualBox and it was OK. So it could be related to OVH.

Any help would be appreciated.

Definitely, this is an issue due to OVH => no relationship with lxd/lxc.
Sorry for disturbing.

I’ve dist-upgraded from stretch to Buster, then rebooted.
No more ICMP packets, no more DNSMASQ DHCPOFFER.
I guess the latest kernel (Buster) does not work properly onto OVH machine yet.

Ok, finally it was not related to OVH.
Regarding Debian Buster, the issue was nftables instead of iptables-legacy.

Thanks @buttle who gave me the right solution