Default images server down?

I seem to have hit a strange issue on all lxd hosts (unsure when it started occurring!) but I cant seem to access anymore.

Error: Failed parsing stream: Unable to fetch 403 Forbidden

When I try to add us.lxd.images, i get a 404, and readding the base gets me 403 again:

# lxc remote add images
Certificate fingerprint: 6416ebc9092870a1cc31c514a4378380a05627ee3940a195ed0b3eb7ac5c0369
ok (y/n/[fingerprint])? y
Error: Failed to fetch 404 Not Found

# lxc remote add images
Certificate fingerprint: 411c0c05ff8b8ad4f776e251083306a4536dd0de9ee895283b3c999dea9752c1
ok (y/n/[fingerprint])? y
Error: Failed to fetch 403 Forbidden

lxd version shows 5.0.0, with snap showing lxd 5.0.0-9a607f6

I was able to get an image downloaded and working via the manual process detailed here: Linux Containers - LXD - Advanced guide

The 404 you get are because you need to add --protocol=simplestreams when adding those remotes.

As for the 403, it worked in my tests (IPv4 and IPv6). Are you maybe using a proxy that could block the request and give a 403 back?

Hmm, adding simplestreams as a protocol didnt work either- Yeah, I’m guessing its something in front of my server (dang corporate firewalls!) thats blocking 8443 specifically.