Default instance type for a project

Is there a way to specify default instance type for a project or a specific remote?

The use case for this is with juju. I will like to specify that a particular juju model use a particular instance type for machines added from the model.

This also arose from the issue I was having here so I need to launch a virtual machine type as I think it solves my issue ubuntu-session-restarts-on-lxd-start

I don’t think so, as remotes, projects and profiles are instance type agnostic.
What you really need is LXD VM support in juju, but I don’t think that exists.

@sdeziel @stgraber am I correct in thinking there’s no way to create a LXD VM via juju currently?

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That is correct. Bug #1936188 “Remove KVM provider and use LXD --vm” : Bugs : juju is where the VM support was requested.