Disable nosuid in mount options in dir backend

I came to realise that suid is disabled by default in all my containers. While this makes sense from a security perspective, i need to have it enabled in one of them. Looking further I found this is set at storage level, with the mount options, so I figured there are 2 options:

a) re-mount that container it in its current storage (default) while omitting the “nosuid” mount parameter

b) create a separate storage dedicated to containers requiring suid, configure mount options without “nosuid” parameter, migrate the container from default storage

My questions: is option a) actually available? if not, is b) the correct approach ? If yes, how to change the mount options for the creation of new containers ? better, how to migrate a container between storage pools on the same host?

Coming back to answer this in case someone else is interested.

For a dir backend storage “nosuid” can be set for a given filesystem in the host /etc/fstab. It’s a mount option which can be safely removed. The change is effective after remounting that filesystem

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