Discourse Themes

I have a meta topic for us. I am hoping that we can find a way for Discourse to have a dark theme. If we had one, then I would use it. It would also be great to use it for the Youtube videos and live streams. A lot of the time there are quick switches between VS Code or terminals and Discourse threads. For me, this can be a bit hard on my eyes.

If we already have a dark theme, could someone describe how to turn it on? I have not figured it out yet.

Thanks for great work. I really enjoy this project and the growing community. :slight_smile:

I think I’ve sorted out a dark color theme now and in theory it should automatically switch based on your system settings.


I was about to say “it looks differently now”, but I realize I had been using a light theme until now… :joy: Themes are of course highly subjective but I personally think the new one (Solarized Dark) isn’t that great; it’s “too light” or something for my personal taste If we could get this theme added also (as an option), it would be much appreciated: Dracula a Dark Theme for Discourse - theme - Discourse Meta. :pray:

There are alternative color schemes that you can pick from your personal interface preferences.

One of those is now Dracula Dark.

Thanks for the effort. :bowing_man: