Distribution of ffmpeg across platforms? Can LXC help me with this issue?

(williamdosa) #1

Hello all, I’m looking for a way to wrap ffmpeg in a container to address glibc and library dependencies issues across various platforms. I’d like to be able to use this container where I can still pass the command line arguments into ffmpeg.

Ideally something like ./container ffmpeg arguments

Can I use LXC to do this? I’ve tried using LXD (which I know uses the LXC api’s) but it doesn’t seem to allow me to pass the arguments.

downloader.vip/rufus/ downloader.vip/mapquest/ downloader.vip/uptodate/


I think it would be more appropriate to either use an existing ffmpeg snap package or create a snap package of your own. Then the libc issues will go away.

I feel it would be overkill to use a system container for this.