Distribution with first class LXD support (other than Ubuntu)?


Is there any distribution where LXD is a first class citizen? I was interested in Arch, but LXD is a part of an AUR rather than being native. My other distribution of choice Gentoo usually lags behind.




If you are happy with the snap package (https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Snap), you can give it a go.
You will get the latest version of LXD. See below the installation base of the LXD (list of distributions). Arch is in the list.

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I’m running LXD on proxmox (debian 9) and it’s super stable. No different to running on 18.04 had no issues.


Ubuntu is basicaly Debian,
So anything that work in Ubuntu can be run in Debian and you haven’t change a thing.

Not really true.
Ubuntu is very much related to Debian experimental and sid.
Debian recommends NOT running systems based on such due to the higher level of ‘issues’ .
Debian stable is set up to be rock solid - - - and has long term support.
Debian testing is set up to have pretty good support but occasionally something will crop up and packages with have issues.

On the surface it would seem that Ubuntu and Debian are the same thing. Once you start scratching below the surface there are significant differences.

I have been caught a number of times finding software that was set up to run on Ubuntu and trying to install on Debian, even testing never mind stable, produced a plethora of ‘fun’.

Thanks, I went with Arch Linux and snap package.