Distrobuilder 2.0 has been released


The distrobuilder team is proud to announce its initial release, distrobuilder 2.0!

As usual, this release fixes a variety of issues as Linux distributions evolve and change the way they’re built. Additionally, it also improves the Windows ISO repack feature quite a bit and introduces support for directly importing an image into LXD

The main highlights are:

  • windows: Support for Windows 11 and Windows Server 2022 ISO images
  • windows: Addition of virtio GPU driver
  • gentoo: Support for custom variants
  • New --import-into-lxd command line option

The full list of commits is available below:

Detailed changelog
  • Makefile: Tweak generation of dist tarball
  • sources/plamolinux: Support new pkgtools8
  • main: Check systemd-sysctl path
  • systemd: Properly check for instance type
  • windows: Add Windows 11 support
  • sources/plamolinux: Fix a process related to pkgtools8
  • sources/plamolinux: more fix related to pkgtools8
  • Update gomod
  • main: Skip overlay on zfs
  • *: Replace Wrap with WithMessage
  • windows: Fix pongo variable name in balloon driver
  • *: Replace RunCommand with RsyncLocal
  • utils: Fix error handling in RsyncLocal
  • windows: Add driver viogpudo
  • Update mkdocs.yml
  • main: Add support for Windows Server 2022
  • *: Switch to errors without stack traces
  • Update go modules
  • sources/openwrt: Drop lxd-openwrt repo and SDK
  • main: Log image creation
  • sources/gentoo: Allow custom source variants
  • *: Record created filenames
  • main: Add --import-into-lxd flag
  • Update go mod
  • doc: Update packages.md
  • doc: Update building.md
  • main: Fix post-files actions for lxc
  • main: Check for snap when importing LXD image
  • shared/definition: s/-/_/
  • generators: Add definition to generator init
  • generators: Drop template rendering in cloud-init and dump
  • doc: Update renamend key values
  • doc/generators: Add missing source field
  • doc: Mention general pongo support
  • shared/util: Add Retry function
  • shared/net: Use Retry for downloads
  • sources: Use Retry for networking
  • Update go.mod
  • sources/debootstrap: Handle merged /usr
  • systemd: drop unused variable
  • systemd: double quote to prevent globbing and word splitting
  • systemd: generate zzz-lxc-service.conf in one go
  • main: remove NoNewPrivileges=no from systemd-generator
  • Revert “main: remove NoNewPrivileges=no from systemd-generator”
  • github: Bump Go versions
  • sources/oracle: Fix rpm/yum issue
  • Update gomod