Distrobuilder --compression

Distrobuilder v 1.2

Passed --compression=“zstd” --compression=“zst”, still get: for build-lxd:

Exportable Squashfs 4.0 filesystem, xz compressed…

–type can be passed referring to image output, single or split, but inside template -types used as keyword for container/vm.
so you cant pass --type=container as parameter, but just use --vm. so container is default type?
In jenkins build-dir is used and later packed by each once:
pack-lxd --vm
Does it mean, build-dir is general und --vm or container only relevant at packing?

Docs say: --compression (default is xz) but not mentioning other options.
A bit of difficult to get the whole picture of Distrobuilder. Docs are very sparse and written in shorthand.
I tried to put together the puzzle pieces (samples, commands …) from lxc/distrobuilder, docs, samples, lxc-ci/images / , lxc-ci jenkins and jenkins by itself, image yaml, creation outputs …

Could we active users help here to merge that knowledge into a single location?

Any known issue with --compression?

There’s no known issue with --compression. However, looking at the source, zstd or zst is not supported.

@kamzar1 I agree, the docs should list possible compressions, and/or distrobuilder should return an error if an unsupported compression is used. I’ll update the docs and add support for zstd.


Basically, yes. build-dir will give you a rootfs directory. pack-lxd and pack-lxc will provide images.

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