[distrobuilder] how to change source url in centos.yaml?


I want to change the source url from centos.mirror.iweb.ca to vault.centos.org.

Because there is minimal os iso image for each centos version. (hmm, for example, wouldn’t Centos 7.4 also create images for containers and vms?)

Thank you.

It’s right at the top of the YAML file.

Thank you @stgraber

Look at below picture.

Is there anything else to do other than changing the url address of the yaml file?

There are no 7 directory at vault.centos.org so it’s normal that it can’t find anything there.

Thank you @stgraber

Download the minimum version iso file and related files of centos want to create.

And create a vm by creating a web server with the downloaded file, it works fine.