Distrobuilder not match generators

Hello :wave:
I tried to create my own image from distrobuilder but it throws this error:
Error: files.*.generator must be one of [dump template hostname hosts remove upstart-tty cloud-init]

I’m on fedora 32. I using LXD 4.6 from snappy ; Go 1.14.9 linux/amd64 ; distrobuilder 1.0 buildt with go. At this time the build attempt is on examples from https://github.com/lxc/lxc-ci/blob/master/images and https://github.com/lxc/distrobuilder/tree/master/doc/examples

The launched command is:
sudo distrobuilder build-lxd ubuntu.yaml -o image.description="funny described" -o image.architecture=x86_64 -o image.release=focal

I suspect the fstab and lxc-agent generators but my investigations are unsuccessful. If someone has an idea.

Any ideas @monstermunchkin?

Updating to distrobuilder 1.1 should resolve that issue.

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It is this one,

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I suspected it a little. thank you for confirmation :+1:

As a workaround, you can compile distrobuilder from source.
You can do so in a LXD VM or container. But you can run on the host or VM only, not in an unprivileged container.

Ok. I have removed my stable version from go and installed the 1.1 release from snap like this:
snap install distrobuilder --edge --classic

It seems to work.