Do instances based off of an image get updated if the image itself is updated with the auto_update feature even if they were created before the update?

  • Is there a way to trigger auto_update manually so I can test this without waiting for the minimum interval which would be an hour?
  • Are the configurations images.auto_update_cached and images.auto_update_interval supposed to be set on the remote server or the client that’s launching the instance?
  • Would it trigger the auto_update feature if I renamed the alias for or deleted the image itself and replaced it with a new one that had the same alias? Is this the common practice?
  • Would any instances that were created from the image before the update get updated as well? If they do:
    • Does this trigger the cloud-init functionality in the instance if it’s present?
    • Is there any down time for instances based off of the image when it’s updated?

incus image refresh

They affect the server that they’re set on, not other servers downloading from it.

The auto-refresh simply has Incus reach out to the origin server every few hours and see if the alias now points to a different image, if it does, that image is downloaded.

No. There’s effectively no way to “rebase” an instance onto a new image.
The auto-refresh feature is here solely so that the latest image is already present on the system for the next time you create an instance from it.

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Doesn’t “incus rebuild” do this?

It won’t “rebase it”, it will replace its rootfs with the new image.

What I mean by rebase is that the user’s own changes would somehow be kept, this isn’t possible. Instead rebuild is roughly equivalent to deleting the instance and creating a new one from a new image, except that the Incus side configuration (attached devices, MAC address, …) is all conserved.