Docker Install or Start fails with sys:rw cgroup:rw

Docker Install or Start fails with following lxc profile entry: sys:rw cgroup:rw
When I comment above mentioned entry, and restart linux container, docker runs fine.

I know it worked earlier, somehow, but not sure what got changed.

I am installing K8S inside containers. API Server is not working bcos or read only file system.

Your kind thoughts and insight on this will be helpful. Attached is screenshot. Etcd fails to start because of this issue.

LXD version: 2.18
LXC Driver: 2.1.0
Docker 17.11.0-ce, API 1.34
Container Ubuntu:16.04 amd64
Storage: ZFS
auth: trusted
public: false

I was able to get past this issue.

Do you know what solved this issue or was it fixed by itself?

No sure what happened. I deleted my existing storage + profile and recreated it again.

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