Docs about Templates

Are there any docs about templates? I’m just not sure what they do and how to use them. It looks like a shell script at first glance.

LXC templates are indeed shell scripts which are run by lxc-create to generate a container root filesystem.

These days we’re not using them quite as much except for lxc-download and lxc-local combined with the images we publish at and we’d generally recommend adding support for new distributions to distrobuilder rather than writing new template scripts.

If you do still want to write your own template script, lxc-busybox is probably a good place to start, write your script in /usr/share/lxc/templates and then call it with lxc-create -t NAME -n blah to create a blah container using your template.

I’m pretty new here. I didn’t know about distrobuilder. I see it up here and I’ll check it out too: