Does lxc support hybrid cgroup?

Is it possible run lxc containers on host with hybrid cgroup hierarchy ? Host config is cgroupv1 + memory V2 controller. System is Linux 4.9+ systemd 244, lxc 3.0.4 , available V2 controller are pid, io, memory.


I don’t remember exactly what we have in 3.0.4.
We may have enough in there to allow a container to start though you won’t be able to configure resource limits on it.

lxc 3.2.1 should have the basics for resource limits but @brauner did a LOT of work on cgroup2 handling which will only be in lxc 4.0, so if you can afford to wait, it’s probably best.

We support hybrid only with the empty unified hierarchy, i.e. no controllers in the unified hierarchy. Mainly because systemd does it the same way.

btw, when it planned to release?

4.0 will be released before Ubuntu 20.04 comes out, so by the end of April, hopefully earlier.