Does LXD clustering work like Kubernetes clustering?

Hi there. I was referred to this forum from reddit where I posted this exact same question.

I am new to clustering and containers. I’ve been researching for the past month in order to learn about them but there is a question I couldn’t find an answer. Does LXD clustering have the same advantages as Kubernetes clusters? If one node goes down, will the containers in that node be respawn in the others?

What are the advantages of using a cluster in LXD vs “independent” nodes?

Thanks in advance

There is no automatic recovery if a node is lost.

Put simply, you can talk to a LXD cluster pretty much the same way you would to a LXD single node. You just have way more resources at the other end. If need be, you can also ask for a specific instance to be place on a given node but otherwise there is automatic placement.

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