Does LXD support multiple lxc publish at the same time?

I am running lxd 4.6.

I try to reduce my backup time by making my lxc publish in parallel.

They run one after the others.

Is that normal and is there a workaround ?

I believe that’s intentional as allowing multiple in parallel on the same system could very easily saturate I/O and swamp the CPU to the point where the containers wouldn’t run particularly well anymore.

The main options to investigate would be making an uncompressed publish and then sorting out compression later (--compress-algorithm none) or if you’re sticking with the default xz compression, you can use --compress-algorithm pxz to run the compression stage in parallel.

Tanks for the comeback !

I will do some more testing base on your recommendation, in the meantime someone could add this fact to the documentation ?

Best regard

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