Does Ubuntu 16.04 lxc container work on Ubuntu 20.04 lxc host?

Hi. Can we run Ubuntu 16.04 lxc container on Ubuntu 20.04 lxc host? I know Ubuntu support expires for the 16.04 version already. I have started upgrading my lxc host system to 20.04 from 16.04. So I would like to know whether I need to upgrade containers or not?

Yep, works just fine.

Thanks @stgraber . How about using 20.04 lxc containers on 16.04 lxc hosts? Will it have any compatibility issues?

Not that we’ve heard of. Linux distros often run perfectly fine with an older or newer kernel. Some specific optimizations may get disabled in some software, but that tends to be it.

Got it. Thank you so much @stgraber