Effective backup/restore using zfs snapshots/send/receive

Hi everyone,

For backup I created a second VM for every “live VM” in a LXD cluster. I want to backup the ZFS pool from the first VM incrementally to the second, using zfs snapshot/send/receive.

(The second VM is on a different volume backed by a FreeNAS and ZFS, so I can send the disk image incrementally to offsite/DR as well).

I did similar stuff years ago with FreeBSD, all I had o do is copying the jail.conf as well, so, in case of DR, I can use the ZFS volume and start up the jails on the DR side.

I am not sure whether it works the same with LXD containers, because there is more on ZFS than the rootfs.

What I have found so far for remote backup is using tar balls, but that does not work well with incremental backups.

Is this still achievable?


If you have valid copies of everything under dataset/containers and dataset/virtual-machines and can put those back in place on the server for disaster recovery, then that should be fine using the disaster recovery procedure to re-generate the DB records from that.

Hi. @petros

The URL below seems to help you.