Enabling the Web UI

What’s the process to run Incus with a web UI, just like the “Try it online”? Is there a documentation somewhere? I read this and saw this, but as explained on the video it requires some certificate importing, etc. If I wanted to run this, and not worry about authentication (will run it either locally, or access it over WireGuard, or behind a simple http auth, etc.), how will I go about it?

You could run a local nginx or haproxy server which holds the TLS client certificate used to talk to Incus and provides a normal http/https endpoint on the outside, not requiring a client certificate.

This is obviously a terrible idea if there’s any way for anyone to access that endpoint though, so you’ll have to think about that very closely. (For example, any program on your system would then be able to access that URL and through the Incus API access any file or device on the system).