Error in binding https address

I am running the following command on an AWS ubuntu x86_64 18.04 node:

lxc config set core.https_address [<local IP>]:8443

I am receiving the following error:

Error: cannot listen on https socket: listen tcp <local IP>:8443: bind: cannot assign requested address

The same problem is happening on the remote IP as well. I have successfully run a container and taken a snapshot of it on the local node. Please help. Thanks.

That usually means that the address you entered doesn’t actually match one of the local addresses.

Do you see that address in ip -4 addr show?

Thanks for your reply. I used the public IP addresses displayed on the AWS dashboard. I’ll check and get back to you with this.

Yeah, that won’t work, those addresses are not held by the instance itself but by some firewall outside of the instance. core.https_address must be set to the address of the instance.

Or you can set it to :8443 to bind all local addresses.

I binded to the private addresses instead. Thanks for pointing that out.