Error messages adding device

I have a script which adds a fuse device to the container, using lxc-device add.

I’m getting these messages from it:

lxc-device: rh-wptest3: commands.c: lxc_cmd_add_bpf_device_cgroup: 1185 Message too long - Failed to add new bpf device cgroup rule
lxc-device: rh-wptest3: lxccontainer.c: add_remove_device_node: 4657 set_cgroup_item failed while adding the device node
lxc-device: rh-wptest3: tools/lxc_device.c: main: 153 Failed to add /dev/fuse to rh-wptest3

… however, the fuse device exists afterwards, and is working.

I think it mostly/only happens when the container is autostarted at host boot time - some sort of race condition perhaps?