error: snapshot dump failed

To start live migration using LXD in docker my experimental setup is as follows:

Physical machine OS: Ubuntu 16.04
Docker version 17.06.0-ce, build 02c1d87
lxc --version 2.0.11
lxd --version 2.0.11
criu --version Version: 2.6

After successful installation of container named ‘c1’ i run the following command to save the current states of the container to disk:

sudo lxc snapshot c1 checkpoint-2 --stateful

But it gives following errors:
error: snapshot dump failed
(00.260241) Error (criu/sk-netlink.c:73): The socket has data to read
(00.260268) Error (criu/cr-dump.c:1313): Dump files (pid: 9158) failed with -1
(00.303791) Error (criu/cr-dump.c:1628): Dumping FAILED.

Any, help will be appreciated. Solutions can be emailed directly at:

Error is pretty clear, some socket has in-flight data which CRIU cannot dump/restore.

You could try again a bunch of times, hoping to get the socket in a better state, you could also try to switch to a manually built version of a more recent CRIU to see if it’s something that’s improved recently. Otherwise, you can go look at Github issues for CRIU to find a matching one (this specific error is pretty common) and maybe help to get this resolved.

ok sir, i will update the issue.

Thanks sir, error was resolve by restarting the system.