Error spawn oracle container

Hi I tried to launch oracle 9 and 8 containers. Oracle9 fails with this error: *root@deblxd:~# lxc launch images:oracle/9 srv02
Creating srv02
Error: Failed instance creation: Failed creating instance from image: Unpack failed: Failed to run: unsquashfs -f -d /var/lib/lxd/storage-pools/local/images/738ad2c751edcfce057dc8a9fcb6716fdd1bf56d7ad7a5869978a40a6644a5ec/rootfs -n -da 82 - fr 82 -p 1 /var/lib/lxd/images/738ad2c751edcfce057dc8a9fcb6716fdd1bf56d7ad7a5869978a40a6644a5ec.rootfs: Process exited with non-zero value 1 (FATAL ERROR: write_xattr: failed to write xattr security.ima for file /var/lib/lxd/ storage-pools/ local/images/738ad2c751edcfce057dc8a9fcb6716fdd1bf56d7ad7a5869978a40a6644a5ec/rootfs/etc/dnf/protected.d/setup.conf because Operation not permitted)" while 8 does not receive ip addresses. I tried on Ubuntu and debian. Thanks