Error when using "lxd import": instance "cust01/containers/c9" does not seem to exist on any storage pool


I want to use a storage pool (zfs) called cust01 from host lxd01 to import from host lxd02.

Because host lxd02 is a newly configured server, there is no information about the storage pool named cust01.

cust01 is imported from the lxd02 host and zfs list is displayed as follows.

Then, the container/c9 belonging to the cust01 storage pool is mounted.

When lxd import, the following error occurs.
How do I solve it?


Thank you in advice.

lxd import
  Import existing containers

  This command is mostly used for disaster recovery. It lets you attempt
  to recreate all database entries for containers that LXD no longer knows

  To do so, you must first mount your container storage at the expected
  path inside the storage-pools directory. Once that's in place,
  `lxd import` can be called for each individual container.

  lxd import <container name> [flags]

Have you tried to use just the container name?
c9 as far as I see.

Also if you want to send a container from one host to another, you might you use a different way than “lxd import” for this, as it states above “This command is mostly used for disaster recovery”.

Thank you @toby63

Under normal circumstances, I know how to move containers from one host to another.

lxc copy/move/publish/export/import

Of course, I know that if using ceph for storage in an lxd cluster environment, there is no need to worry.

What I want is:

When there are many containers or VMs running on one host, it is intended to test for situations where sudden host failure cannot be handled or when it is necessary to move and use many containers or VMs belonging to a specific storage to another host.

See the below picture.

The following URL was also referenced.