Extend of elasticity in LXC Containers?

Elasticity is the property to grow or shrink capacity for CPU, memory, and storage resources to adapt to the changing demands of application.

I know LXC Containers are elastic in nature. They can grow upto limits we allotted in profile and when any resources are unused in any container then that can get automatically shared with other lxc containers or host applications.

Are there any resources Ram , cores etc except default storage (1 GB) as minimum requirement for lxc container ?

For example, my default storage profile has 30 GB as default storage. What will happen:

  1. if my lxc container need 50 GB more storage? Does it take care automatically by itself?
  2. if (1) is no then anyway to configure any container 100% elastic on ram, cores and storage. Is there a way to create auto elastic profile?

If you use a storage pool driver that doesn’t enforce storage quotas by default (dir, btrfs and zfs) and don’t use limits.* settings on the instance, then the instance can grow to use all of the storage of that pool and as much memory as the system has AFAIK.