Fail moving a lxd container to a new pool

I moved all off my containers to a new drive and new storage pool successfully with :
sudo lxc move <containbername> --storage <storagename>
but 2 of them got failed with this error:

Error: Migration operation failure: Create instance from copy: Create instance volume from copy failed: [Failed sending volume black-13:/: Btrfs send failed: exit status 1 (At subvol /var/lib/lxd/storage-pools/services/containers/migration.1039190821/.migration-send
ERROR: send ioctl failed with -5: Input/output error
) Failed to run: btrfs receive -e /var/lib/lxd/storage-pools/development/containers/migration.838337476: exit status 1 (At subvol .migration-send
ERROR: unexpected EOF in stream)]

i have no idea where this error come form. i had some problem in the old drive though. which makes my old storage pool read only on file systems. can it be related? if yes why it didnt’t happen for other containers

Thanks inadvance

Are you able to do lxc export <instance> <file>.tar.gz to get it off the storage pool that way?

You can then re-import later using lxc import <file>.tar.gz -s <new pool>

Thanks for your reply, i still get error:

sudo lxc export green green.tar.gz
Error: Create backup: Backup create: Error adding "/var/lib/lxd/storage-pools/services/backup.3851240669/green/rootfs/var/log/journal/2c5cdc71aa5e4bc5a63b8f1a9d9546c1/system@dec11350c8b143e0acc9500308e0df32-00000000000427f7-0005edd4f61141ef.journal" as "backup/container/rootfs/var/log/journal/2c5cdc71aa5e4bc5a63b8f1a9d9546c1/system@dec11350c8b143e0acc9500308e0df32-00000000000427f7-0005edd4f61141ef.journal" to tarball: Failed to copy file content "/var/lib/lxd/storage-pools/services/backup.3851240669/green/rootfs/var/log/journal/2c5cdc71aa5e4bc5a63b8f1a9d9546c1/system@dec11350c8b143e0acc9500308e0df32-00000000000427f7-0005edd4f61141ef.journal": read /var/lib/lxd/storage-pools/services/backup.3851240669/green/rootfs/var/log/journal/2c5cdc71aa5e4bc5a63b8f1a9d9546c1/system@dec11350c8b143e0acc9500308e0df32-00000000000427f7-0005edd4f61141ef.journal: input/output error

Yes, certainly looks like your BTRFS filesystem is damaged in some way.

Unfortunately I am not a BTRFS expert so I am not sure what to advise with regard to repairing the journal. Perhaps the #btrfs channel on Libera IRC maybe able to help?