Failed to start virtfs-proxy-helper for device

I’m new to lxd, so forgive me if I’ve made a false assumption. I’m trying to set up a virtual machine instance using lxd and mount in a volume from my host. From what I’ve read on the forums here, 9p mounts should work.

I’m trying this:

lxc init images:fedora/32 fedora --vm
lxc config device add fedora home disk source=/home path=/home
lxc start fedora --console

I get an error instead:

Error: Failed to start device "home": Failed to start virtfs-proxy-helper for device "home": Unable to start process: exec: "virtfs-proxy-helper": executable file not found in $PATH

virtfs-proxy-helper is in my path:

$ which virtfs-proxy-helper

Should this not work after all?

Try installing qemu-block-extra package:

sudo apt install qemu-block-extra

Ah sorry, misread your post.

Are you running the snap?

Can you so the output of echo $PATH please.

I am running the snap. My $PATH is:


I’m running PopOS 20.04, but so far from what I’ve found, that doesn’t change the lxd packages from upstream.

Interesting, are you running the latest snap, as that should bundle the required program.

Yea, looks like 4.4.

Name  Version  Rev    Tracking         Publisher   Notes
lxd   4.4      16889  latest/stable/…  canonical✓  -

Any ideas @stgraber?

Hmm, I can confirm it’s missing from the snap, looking into why.

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I believe I have a fix, testing it now.

Strange, I checked the snap build file and could see it mentioned in there.

Yes but with a wildcard pattern so it won’t fail if missing.
The issue is that it gets dumped into libexec/ rather than bin/ and so doesn’t get included.

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Pushed a fix to all branches, will be a couple of hours before I can push stuff to stable though.

@stgraber, did you get a chance to push the bits to stable?

Edit: Nevermind, I checked the snap revision and see that virtfs-proxy-helper is in the snap root /bin. I’ll give this a try and see if it’s resolved.

All good! VM’s with a mounted disk now boot up.

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