Fan network — noobie question

I’ve read the docs, but given my limited networking experience, I still can’t anchor the abstract concept of a fan network to an operational mental map.

Suppose we have N websites, where N is quite large, each in a separate LXC container. And suppose we’ve set up a fan network to access them through the public web.

And suppose we’ve associated each of the fan addresses to a domain name through DNS.

Now, a user enters a domain name into their browser.

What needs to happen along the route from IP address returned from DNS server to the site, and where along the route, to assure a secure connection?



Hello @Lloyd

A FAN is an internal network for your own use, IPs will of course not be available from the Internet. In order to translate external addresses to internal ones you will need to use IPTABLES, NAT, Proxy or all of them depending on what you want to achieve.

Thanks Yosu,

Please excuse my ignorance/inexperienced. But your response still leaves me in the dark.

Can you, or anyone, point me to detailed tutorial or network diagram to show how I can bring a fan-generated IP out to the public WAN?

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here is a tutorial
Don’t know if it’s any good but I personally got tired of reading about this fan stuff without understanding what it was for and this explained it for me. Good reading.