[Feature Request] Copying Volumes with --refresh Flag

The use case is to copy a volume’s backup snapshot which contains MySQL data to another host to attach it to the backed up container that was also copied over and keeps getting copied over with lxc copy container remote:container --refresh. This would be a great help to backup containers with volumes and be able to spin them up on the backup location too.

Therefore I would like to request the --refresh flag also for the lxc storage volume copy command please.

lxc storage volume copy <pool>/<volume>[/<snapshot>] [<remote:>]<pool>/<volume> --refresh

Also it would be nice to have a flag with the container copying to bring over the volumes it has, of course one would have to make sure that the target storage backend and setup is the same as on the source.

PS: Please make the CLI help include the [<remote:>] part.

There is an issue tracking this feature here

We mentioned it on our roadmap discussion yesterday, so hopefully will make it in.

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Ah sorry, I did search for something to see if there is a topic about it but didn’t find anything. Thanks!

Edit: I only searched on this forum though…