Food for thought - the LXD value proposition

So, our company ( has been investing time and effort learning and gaining experiences on LXD and we are in the process of producing a commercially viable offering. I’m preparing for a sales-pitch for this and thought to ask the community for assistance.

I try to organize around three lists which I hope to get help filling in:

List 1. “Who are the potential users/clients?”
List 2. “What is the value proposition?”
List 3. “What problems does LXD solve?”

Any help much appreciated ! I’m happy share my experiences as we move forward with this. Also, if you have skills with LXD and live in Sweden/Stockholm area - give me a shout out.


Very nice!
We are offering multi purpose usage, but also recently started with Blockchain nodes, as dedicated Server or classic VM, having Ethereum based, Solana projects as well as Avalanche Nodes.

Full nodes are quite challenging for hardware, also binding those minimum 32 ethereum or 1000 avalanche etc. to the node is not cheap for start.
Have you tested semi- /full nodes with LXD?

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@kamzar1 we have alot in common it seems here. Perhaps we can connect?

We are also running multiple chains and are more than happy to collaborate.

I’m keen on working out how we can provide a nice lxd experience for our development teams generally.