FreeBSD instructions do not work anymore

Stéphane Graber made a video to boot up FreeBSD in a virtual machine. It used to work. With newer incus, it fails with “Only Incus-managed disks are allowed with migration.stateful=true”.

No BSD anymore.

Should work fine the normal way these days:

incus storage volume import default ~/Downloads/FreeBSD-14.1-RELEASE-amd64-bootonly.iso freebsd-install --type=iso
incus create freebsd --empty --vm -c security.secureboot=false
incus config device add freebsd install disk pool=default source=freebsd-install boot.priority=10
incus start freebsd --console=vga

Hopefully modern FreeBSD no longer needs the migration.stateful=true hack, but if it does, the above method with a proper ISO storage volume will allow for migration.stateful=true to be set.

Yes. I noticed. I left a note about migration.stateful=true not being needed under the youtube video. The thing is that was it was confusing: the cli invocation states that it does not work when in fact it is not needed.

Tried openbsd too. Got as far as the boot on the serial console, but no more.

For GhostBSD live CD on incus, I must say that the console access is somewhat ugly. The cursor is all over the place and is not aligned with the output. I wish I were more proficient with incus in order to understand how to fix this ugly layout. Because I do not want --type=vga but --type=console as I am on the old X-less ttys of ubuntu when connection to the GhostBSD box with “incus console”. Doesn’t render well.