FYI of post on LXD sub-reddit - LXD integration with Mist, open source cloud management platform

This is the link to their Post:

> We just released Mist v4.3, our open source cloud management platform, which introduces integration with LXD.
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> This is our first iteration and we’d love to hear the community’s feedback on how to improve it.
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> Our overall goal is to offer single pane of glass from where you can manage containers, public & private clouds, hypervisors and bare metal servers.
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> Today we are proud to announce Mist v4.3, the latest release of the Mist Cloud Management Platform.
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> Mist v4.3 brings brand new support for LDAP, Active Directory, KubeVirt, LXD and GiG G8. For VMware users, Mist v4.3 supports vSphere v7.0, VNC console access, Content Libraries and more storage options. KVM support has been enhanced and you can now create simple private clouds by grouping together your KVM hosts. Finally, we are rolling out custom pricing policies. For example, you are now able to define a cost for your VMware instances running on private metal.

This webpage describes their MIST open source product:


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This is the announcement here, LXD integration with open source cloud management platform