Giving a container a static IP via the API

I have an existing container that i am looking to give a static IP, using the API, what request would i send to do this?

GET /1.0/instances/NAME and then either alter the entry under devices or if there’s none, copy the one from expanded_devices to devices and alter it there. Then PUT /1.0/instances/NAME to update it.

So I have this request (PUT to /1.0/instances/container)

"devices": {
   "eth0": {
        "name": "eth0",
        "nictype": "bridged",
        "parent": "lxdbr0",
        "type": "nic"


However I’m not sure what field to set in order to change the IP.


Note that you must send the entire thing back, or use a PATCH query instead.

Should one also exclude that static IP from the DHCP pool?

No, that creates a static allocation in dnsmasq so it won’t assign it to something else.