Google says Chrome OS to run linux apps using Crostini and containers. I asked & was told it was with LXD?

On Reddit I’d seen a post about Google’s announcement that Chrome OS was going to use Crostini to run Linux applications in a container… so I asked if anyone knew what container technology they were going to use and I got several replies that it was LXD.

I’ve been trying to confirm online but haven’t seen any direct mention of LXD yet in my searches.

Does anyone here know if google is going to be using LXD and Crostini for their new Chrome OS linux support?

If so, it would be exciting as there would be a huge LXD user base in the Chromebook world ?



found my answer so never mind… sorry for the post.

I just saw Stephane Graber’s post about this in his lxd weekly status #44


Great news. Can you provide a link to that Reddit discussion?

Simos … this is the thread… this is just great news for LXD !

There’s a whole subreddit about this were I helped out with support and where people seem to be aware that LX{C,D} is used:

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Here is the LXD preseed configuration script,
The storage driver is btrfs. They use X11 over Wayland for the Linux apps.
This repository has links to the various components,

I have been trying to collect more info as I keep reading about this but does Crostini allow you to create a container of the same distro’s that lxd in ubuntu does? re can you create debian, centos etc containers?

So far Google hasn’t blocked our remote and it is added by default. So yes, it is currently possible to create other distros. :slight_smile:

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